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Cult Nail Polish Review!!!

Ok so here is another review for you. I was very surprised with these polishes!!! So first thing I have to say is, very cute and pretty in the bottle!!! I had high hopes for these colors. 
They really so look beautiful in the bottle!!! So let's get a closer look at each!
This is Cult Nails' Mind Control color. Out of the bottle this color looks like a very dark charcoal color with a purple holo effect. 
Here is a look at the color on a color wheel. Doesn't really do it justice but, it's the best pic I could get at this time in the day.

The next color is very pretty and would be great for a mani that's toned down. It would be great for a simple french mani twist I think.
This one is called Awakening. I like it but not really my favorite. With a name like that I think I expected something brighter. Here's a swatch for you. So you decide.
The kinda sea green color is Awakening. Sorry to say but I'm not that impressed.

Last color is Cult Nails' Time Traveler. This one I absolutely LOVE!!! With 2 coats it is everything you expect it to be!!!
And of course you get a swatch of this color too! it's an amazing dark shiny blue!!
I adore this color but you all know me!!!! LOL!!! I can never leave well enough alone. I had to add something to it so I could wear it for more than a day. I added Revlon's Whimsical over top and I think it looks great. What do you think?

Ok enough fun. Now while I expected something else with these colors I have to say that they aren't the best. I think I could get pretty much the same color with another brand. So, I'll be on the lookout for a comparison color. 
Here is the brush size compared to a penny.

Now, the formula I think is good and the brush size is about average. I am just not impressed with the colors really. I can't say that I'm in a hurry to buy more. I hope this helps you all with your decision to "join the Cult" or not.

Please tell me what you think... leave a comment below.... b constructive not mean please!!!

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