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Hello all! I am crazy in love with anything to do with nails! Polish, design, art! All of it! I pretty much explain what I wanna try to do with this blog in my first blog post. What I didn't say is that I am a homemaker and mother to 4 wonderful children who I absolutely adore! I have an amazing husband who never ceases to amaze me! With all of that said I have to let you all know that while I follow a lot of other blogs I do not expect to have anything like theirs. I am just doing this for fun and with my 4 kids I cant afford to go out and buy all the stuff the other bloggers can. I just wanna have some fun and maybe help some people learn something new or fun that they wanna try!

So if anyone out there would like an honest opinion I would be more than happy to comment or blog about your ideas or products. Please feel free to email me at lovelyladynails@gmail.com

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  1. I LOVE your page here and I and we have very similar circumstances! I have only been at thes for a few days and am amazed at what these other girls accomplish! I am havimg SO much fun! I need to figure out howto do a giveaway!


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