Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waiting on a new brand!!!

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting!!!

As I am currently waiting on some things to come in the mail and for certain sites to address issues with their pages I'm afraid I don't really have anything new today. Sorry!!!

I am planning a nail painting/design party for this Sunday for my mommy! So I have been very busy trying to get all the games together, different displays made, and I have to figure out how to transport ALL of my polish AND tools to go across town with me! WHEW!!! It's a job really! LOL! I will make sure to take lots of pics and do a "Special Event" post all about the party 1st thing Monday!!! By the way if any of you have any ideas for fun games to play at such a party I would appreciate your suggestions.

Feel free to comment below with any ideas or suggestions. I will try to get back on here and post pics of all my displays and things for the party as I get everything finished in the next few days!!!

Wish Me Luck!!!!