Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Opening Blog

Ok, all!!! I am finally making my own blog!! YEAH ME! LOL! It's about time huh? Well this is just my first initial blog to get a feel for how these things are done so, please bare with me and give me a little time to figure this all out and get used to it. I would like all the info and feedback I can get from anyone who is willing to follow my blog so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts! I sincerly appreciate all the help I can get!
Now I DO have a facebook page and almost always have up something about fb giveaways or cool nail polish or art realted things so please go check it out and "like" it. I am not too far away from having a "100 likes Giveaway"!! I think I am only about 10 likes away! Find my facebook page by clicking the link! http://www.facebook.com/LovelyLadysNails  Thanks to my sister and best friend Jill @http://www.facebook.com/jilltasticnaildesign I will be able to give away a very cool "franken polish" that she made!! It should be a lot of fun anyways.
On this blog I plan on tell you all about my nail adventures and telling you about all the cool stuff that's out there so that everyone can have "salon quality" nails without the "salon" price! So that's it for now but I DO plan on doinga lot on here! So, if you're still not sure about this brand new blog then just keep checking back and hopefully you will eventually become a follower of my blog too!