Monday, May 21, 2012

The New Black "Intensity"

Well here it is lovelies!!!!

The New Black!!!!
This is the "Intensity" set from The New Black's Pardon My French collection!!
Beautiful!!! Aren't they?!?!?!?
I LOVE em!!!

I think these polishes are very cute. The bottles are a little on the small side but I still think the colors are amazing!!!
This set is meant to be used as a french manicure set. I, however, had to be different and use it for some stamping fun!!! It's not easy to find a polish that works really good for stamping but, The New Black works great!!!!
Here is some pics of the stamping fun I had with this set....
This is a pic of my left hand! I really think these colors go well together and they really POP!!! 
I don't think u can go wrong doing anything with this set!

Here are pics of my right hand!!! I really liked one stamp in particular so I to use it at least once! That's why i have a different stamp on my thumb here! 

Now, while the bottles are a little small, I think these polishes are worth having in your collection! The brush size is average and easy to handle. I would like to see The New Black make a slightly larger bottle or at least one with a longer handle. They work great when you are painting your own nails but it's very difficult to use a short handled brush to paint someone else's nails. Well, I really do hope you have enjoyed my review and I hope it helps you to decide if you want this brand in your collection or not.

If you ARE interested in this certain kit, it is sold at If you would like this specific set just click the link below...

The link above goes directly to the "Intensity" set. But you can find other "Pardon My French" sets by The New Black on the same site.

If you are interested in buying other sets or collections from The New Black you can find them by clicking this link.....
then just type "The New Black" in the search bar at the top of Sephora's homepage!

Also The New Black is also on many of the social networks you use everyday! So click the links below to find them on Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest!!!

I really do hope that you at least go check out their sites and give them a chance! I will most definitely be buying lots more from The New Black!!!

***These products were sent to me by the company for my review but, I promise that all of the above is MY PERSONAL OPINION ONLY!!!

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