Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sinful Colors Review!!!

 Ok so I wanna tell you all about these Sinful Colors polishes I got from my sister Jill over at Jilltastic Nail Design. She is an amazing person!!!! Well, first thing you want to know is that this is the first time I have ever used these. I truly love them!!!! The colors Jill picked out for me are fantastic. I HAD to swatch them all because they looked so pretty in the bottle I just had to see what they would look like out of the bottle.
So, here they are!
 This is "Snow Me White" and I love it! It's hard to tell in the pic but the nail right above the Brand Name is painted with this white.
Now, This is "Neon Melon"! If you ever needed a neon yellow that looks like a highlighter marker then this is the polish for you!!!
This beautiful neon pink is called "24/7"! I think it is a great pink that really pops out at ya!!!

This is called "Irish Green" which my hubby actually said would look great to use for four leaf clovers!!! So I guess I know what I'll be doing for my next St. Patty's Day mani!!!
This bold blue is named "Why Not". Cool name huh?!? I love it!!! I think this would be an amazing color to use for flowers or butterfly nails.
*NOTE* all the above swatches have no top coat
 And now for Jilltastic's patented penny-brush comparison.

So, I have to say that I think I am in LOVE with Sinful Colors!!!! They are great!!! You really need to use 2 coats to get the full effect of the polish. The first coat looks a little streaky but that clears right up with the second coat. The brush size is pretty standard but, I think it works great!!! I would definitely recommend buying Sinful Colors' polishes!!!


Please tell me what you think!!! I love hearing other people's opinions and suggestions!!!