Sunday, April 22, 2012

Purple Diamonds!!!

Ok so, what I did today actually looked better in my head than it turned out on my nails. I wanted to do something with the filmos that my friend gave me and i wanted glitter. Well, I got both and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I know it's not perfect but it is all mine!!! I really love it when I can call one of my mani's a "Lovely Lady" original!!! I like trying to do something different than what everyone else is doing. I think it shows character and dedication. It may not always turn out to be beautiful but, it's always different!!
So here it is! Please feel free to comment, even if you don't like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Please remember I like like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Not mean and unhelpful comments! I know it's not the best but, it's starting to grow on me.
Now for the base color I used Cover Girl's Luxe Lilac. I have to say I wasn't completely impressed with this polish. The formula seems a little thin but, the brush size was very easy to work with. I was a little upset that it took 3 coats to achieve the same color as in the bottle.
For the glitter I used L A Colors Color Craze line in Sparkling Diamonds. Again I had to do 3 coats but that was only because this polish isn't meant to be it's own polish. It's supposed to be an accent glitter. You know just the little ones you use to brighten up a color and give it a little flare?!!
Then of course there are the filmos which in this case I used purple butterflies. I think the purple of the butterflies gives the Lilac polish a beautiful "pinkish" hue.
Now, that's about all there is to it. Oh!!! And there's a top coat of course!!!
So, as an ending note to this blog I would like to ask a question.....
I would like to start designing pre-painted fake nails and open an etsy shop. Does anyone know someone who would be interested in buying them? I'm thinking the prices would only be about $8 for a set of 20 in a custom design just for the buyer. Let me know what you think!!! And PLEASE tell others about my blog!! I'm getting a little sad that I only have 5 followers. What should I do to bring more people to my blog???

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