Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First How-To: My square retro design! A Lovely Lady Original!

Ok everyone!!! I'm back!!! LOL! So, I have had a few people ask for more info on how to do some of my designs. So I am going to try to tell you how to do My Retro Square Nail Design and hopefully it helps that i have added some pics to go along with specific steps. Please excuse the fact that I used a fake nail and that it's a little sloppy. I just did a red and black water marble mani today that I really like so I didn't want to remove it! Sorry! And yes I get a little tiny bit sloppy when I'm just doing designs on fake nails that are just for demonstrations. So, please don't be too hard on me! This is just to help you get the basics on how to do this design. I promise you all that if this nail were going to be on a person I would have taken more time and been a lot neater!
        Things You Will Need
                    *Base Coat Polish
                    *Base Color Polish
                    *Accent Color Polish
                    *Toothpick (or whatever you like to use to draw on your nails)
                    *Small Piece Of Scrap Paper
                    *Top Coat Polish
                             Optional: Petroleum Jelly
#1 You should always start with a good base coat. A base coat will protect your nails and help your polish go on smoother.
#2 You wanna pick your base color and paint each nail. Helpful hint, if you are like me and a little messy when you paint your nails you can use a q-tip and apply a little petroleum jelly to your finger all around your nail. Doing this will allow you to pretty much just wipe off any mistakes you might make with just the swipe of a fresh q-tip.

#3 Now after your base coat is good and dry you wanna take the accent color you picked and put a few drops onto your scrap piece of paper. Now using a toothpick draw a small square in the center of each nail. Take your time and go slow!

#4 Now it's just keeping a steady hand and drawing straight lines. Above and below your initial square you should draw squares. Easy enough right!?!

#5 Next draw the same pattern to the left and right of your initial squares.

#6 Almost done ladies!!! Now connect the squares to each other by drawing small lines out from the middle of each side of the squares to connect them with the outer lines of squares. Hint, I like to put lines going out from all of the squares to give it a very different look. If you don't connect the top squares to each other then you will get a whole other look.

#7 When your design is dry all you have to do is apply your top coat polish, let dry, and then use your q-tips to clean up any mistakes or stray brushstrokes. (Sorry that some of the pics are a little blurry. My camera is like 6 or 7 years old and doesn't always cooperate)
 See!!! This is what your end result is when you don't go slow and take your time! HAHAHA!
And that's it!!! You have made a "Lovely Lady" original!!! GOOD JOB LADIES!!!


Please tell me what you think!!! I love hearing other people's opinions and suggestions!!!