Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New Black's "Runway" Collection!!!

Ready for Summer Colors!!!

As promised..... Here it is....
The New Black's Runway Color Barometer review!!!
There are no names on the bottles so I will tell u what the company calls them.
I'll state the colors from left to right as they are seen in the pic above.
Gypsy Rose, Just Shocking, Orange Crush, Electrical Banana, Mint Tea Shimmer, Heliotrope, Midnight Blue, and Horchata Cream.
Some pretty cool names in there right!?!
This set can be purchased at Just click here !!!

Now for the stuff you've been waiting for....

Here is Midnight Blue.. this is a very pretty color in and out of the bottle! This is one of my faves from this set! It looks great with a matte top coat too!
This one is Gypsy Rose... very beautiful pink with a slight gold shimmer throughout!
This one is Just Shocking... it's a very pretty red-orange color that is very close to looking like a "jelly" polish when applied.
And this one, of course, is Electrical Banana... I am in love with this yellow! Goes on great and is shiny instead of looking "neon" like most yellows you find.
This one is Heliotrope... a very pretty blueish-light purple color depending on the light. It's a very lovely color. I think it's a must-have for all the people who love blue polishes!
This is Orange Crush... this is a very pretty lighter orange. It reminds me of the orange flavored "Crush" brand soda pop!
This is Horchata Cream... I'm not sure I know what "horchata" is but I like to call this color a creamy nude. It is another one of my faves from this set.
Here is Mint Tea Shimmer... I like this color too and I think it would be a perfect color for a St. Patty's Day mani! It remind me of a shiny four leaf clover.

Well, that's all of my 2 finger swatches. Now for the personal experience and opinion portion....

I LOVE this brand!!! The New Black has got all the things your looking for in a nail polish! They have sets specially designed to work together, so they are great for pros, amatures, and newbies! All the summer colors you would want are in this set, and they have many other sets that are perfect for any kind of mani you would want to have. The brush size on these are about average and you wouldn't think so but the little handle makes these polishes very easy to use. As I stated above this set is sold at and they sell others at too!
And I'm pleased to say that I love coming up with new things to do with these colors! This is becoming my favorite brand! And how cool is the company name!?! "The New Black"!! It's awesome and very fitting because the social concept of the new black is bright and bold and colorful, which this company has in spades! The New Black is also on the social networking sites you use everyday! Here are links to their social networking sites... (just click the site u want and it'll take you straight to The New Black's page on that network) Facebook   Youtube  and Pinterest  I hope you will go and check them out! They are a great company with amazing products! They really do have something for every one who wants a pretty mani!!!

Don't worry I'm almost finished! LOL!
I just wanted to show you all that The New Black inspired the mani I am wearing today!
I have been wanting to do a "fish egg" mani and haven't had the courage. But I figured, the new black is all about what's new and hot and your own style! So I felt like I should do something I've always wanted to try and USE the brand that inspired me to finally do it!
So here you go.....
I also added Matte tips! Like I said before this color looks great with a matte top coat!

***This product was provided to me by the company for my honest review and opinion. And that's what you have read. I would never make false statements on here. This Blog is for MY enjoyment and yours!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The New Black "Intensity"

Well here it is lovelies!!!!

The New Black!!!!
This is the "Intensity" set from The New Black's Pardon My French collection!!
Beautiful!!! Aren't they?!?!?!?
I LOVE em!!!

I think these polishes are very cute. The bottles are a little on the small side but I still think the colors are amazing!!!
This set is meant to be used as a french manicure set. I, however, had to be different and use it for some stamping fun!!! It's not easy to find a polish that works really good for stamping but, The New Black works great!!!!
Here is some pics of the stamping fun I had with this set....
This is a pic of my left hand! I really think these colors go well together and they really POP!!! 
I don't think u can go wrong doing anything with this set!

Here are pics of my right hand!!! I really liked one stamp in particular so I to use it at least once! That's why i have a different stamp on my thumb here! 

Now, while the bottles are a little small, I think these polishes are worth having in your collection! The brush size is average and easy to handle. I would like to see The New Black make a slightly larger bottle or at least one with a longer handle. They work great when you are painting your own nails but it's very difficult to use a short handled brush to paint someone else's nails. Well, I really do hope you have enjoyed my review and I hope it helps you to decide if you want this brand in your collection or not.

If you ARE interested in this certain kit, it is sold at If you would like this specific set just click the link below...

The link above goes directly to the "Intensity" set. But you can find other "Pardon My French" sets by The New Black on the same site.

If you are interested in buying other sets or collections from The New Black you can find them by clicking this link.....
then just type "The New Black" in the search bar at the top of Sephora's homepage!

Also The New Black is also on many of the social networks you use everyday! So click the links below to find them on Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest!!!

I really do hope that you at least go check out their sites and give them a chance! I will most definitely be buying lots more from The New Black!!!

***These products were sent to me by the company for my review but, I promise that all of the above is MY PERSONAL OPINION ONLY!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waiting on a new brand!!!

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting!!!

As I am currently waiting on some things to come in the mail and for certain sites to address issues with their pages I'm afraid I don't really have anything new today. Sorry!!!

I am planning a nail painting/design party for this Sunday for my mommy! So I have been very busy trying to get all the games together, different displays made, and I have to figure out how to transport ALL of my polish AND tools to go across town with me! WHEW!!! It's a job really! LOL! I will make sure to take lots of pics and do a "Special Event" post all about the party 1st thing Monday!!! By the way if any of you have any ideas for fun games to play at such a party I would appreciate your suggestions.

Feel free to comment below with any ideas or suggestions. I will try to get back on here and post pics of all my displays and things for the party as I get everything finished in the next few days!!!

Wish Me Luck!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cult Nail Polish Review!

Ok so here is another review for you. I was very surprised with these polishes!!! So first thing I have to say is, very cute and pretty in the bottle!!! I had high hopes for these colors. 
They really so look beautiful in the bottle!!! So let's get a closer look at each!
This is Cult Nails' Mind Control color. Out of the bottle this color looks like a very dark charcoal color with a purple holo effect. 
Here is a look at the color on a color wheel. Doesn't really do it justice but, it's the best pic I could get at this time in the day.

The next color is very pretty and would be great for a mani that's toned down. It would be great for a simple french mani twist I think.
This one is called Awakening. I like it but not really my favorite. With a name like that I think I expected something brighter. Here's a swatch for you. So you decide.
The kinda sea green color is Awakening. Sorry to say but I'm not that impressed.

Last color is Cult Nails' Time Traveler. This one I absolutely LOVE!!! With 2 coats it is everything you expect it to be!!!
And of course you get a swatch of this color too! it's an amazing dark shiny blue!!
I adore this color but you all know me!!!! LOL!!! I can never leave well enough alone. I had to add something to it so I could wear it for more than a day. I added Revlon's Whimsical over top and I think it looks great. What do you think?

Ok enough fun. Now while I expected something else with these colors I have to say that they aren't the best. I think I could get pretty much the same color with another brand. So, I'll be on the lookout for a comparison color. 
Here is the brush size compared to a penny.

Now, the formula I think is good and the brush size is about average. I am just not impressed with the colors really. I can't say that I'm in a hurry to buy more. I hope this helps you all with your decision to "join the Cult" or not.

Please tell me what you think... leave a comment below.... b constructive not mean please!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Franken Polish!!!

I finally did it!!! I made my own Franken Glitter Polish!!! It's an orange glitter top coat. And I am Loving it!!!
I don't yet have a name picked out for it but I'm leaning towards calling it "Dreamsicle"!!!! I think that name would fit nicely! What do you think? Feel free to comment with suggestions!!!

The mani in the pic has my franken glitter on just the blackish-blue color! I think the mani looks like a pink road cutting through grassy hills. But that's just me. So here are a couple more pics of the mani! What do you think it looks like?

Thanks for your time! Hope to hear a lot of suggestions!!! I love hearing from followers!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sinful Colors Review!!!

 Ok so I wanna tell you all about these Sinful Colors polishes I got from my sister Jill over at Jilltastic Nail Design. She is an amazing person!!!! Well, first thing you want to know is that this is the first time I have ever used these. I truly love them!!!! The colors Jill picked out for me are fantastic. I HAD to swatch them all because they looked so pretty in the bottle I just had to see what they would look like out of the bottle.
So, here they are!
 This is "Snow Me White" and I love it! It's hard to tell in the pic but the nail right above the Brand Name is painted with this white.
Now, This is "Neon Melon"! If you ever needed a neon yellow that looks like a highlighter marker then this is the polish for you!!!
This beautiful neon pink is called "24/7"! I think it is a great pink that really pops out at ya!!!

This is called "Irish Green" which my hubby actually said would look great to use for four leaf clovers!!! So I guess I know what I'll be doing for my next St. Patty's Day mani!!!
This bold blue is named "Why Not". Cool name huh?!? I love it!!! I think this would be an amazing color to use for flowers or butterfly nails.
*NOTE* all the above swatches have no top coat
 And now for Jilltastic's patented penny-brush comparison.

So, I have to say that I think I am in LOVE with Sinful Colors!!!! They are great!!! You really need to use 2 coats to get the full effect of the polish. The first coat looks a little streaky but that clears right up with the second coat. The brush size is pretty standard but, I think it works great!!! I would definitely recommend buying Sinful Colors' polishes!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

lacquer pamper: My First Giveaway

lacquer pamper: My First Giveaway: Here we go! I am proud to announce my first giveaway. This is so exciting. Remember this is only open to US and 18+ only. Only one winner fo...

You all must go and check out this blog!!! This Lady is great and is having an AWESOME giveaway!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Purple Diamonds!!!

Ok so, what I did today actually looked better in my head than it turned out on my nails. I wanted to do something with the filmos that my friend gave me and i wanted glitter. Well, I got both and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I know it's not perfect but it is all mine!!! I really love it when I can call one of my mani's a "Lovely Lady" original!!! I like trying to do something different than what everyone else is doing. I think it shows character and dedication. It may not always turn out to be beautiful but, it's always different!!
So here it is! Please feel free to comment, even if you don't like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Please remember I like like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Not mean and unhelpful comments! I know it's not the best but, it's starting to grow on me.
Now for the base color I used Cover Girl's Luxe Lilac. I have to say I wasn't completely impressed with this polish. The formula seems a little thin but, the brush size was very easy to work with. I was a little upset that it took 3 coats to achieve the same color as in the bottle.
For the glitter I used L A Colors Color Craze line in Sparkling Diamonds. Again I had to do 3 coats but that was only because this polish isn't meant to be it's own polish. It's supposed to be an accent glitter. You know just the little ones you use to brighten up a color and give it a little flare?!!
Then of course there are the filmos which in this case I used purple butterflies. I think the purple of the butterflies gives the Lilac polish a beautiful "pinkish" hue.
Now, that's about all there is to it. Oh!!! And there's a top coat of course!!!
So, as an ending note to this blog I would like to ask a question.....
I would like to start designing pre-painted fake nails and open an etsy shop. Does anyone know someone who would be interested in buying them? I'm thinking the prices would only be about $8 for a set of 20 in a custom design just for the buyer. Let me know what you think!!! And PLEASE tell others about my blog!! I'm getting a little sad that I only have 5 followers. What should I do to bring more people to my blog???

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here it is people!!! This has got to be the ultimate blog!!! I love it!!! A very fun lady who is doing amazing things!! And she is offering to let you in on the action!!! Go check her out now!!! p.s. sorry for the short blog but i've been having one of those days u know.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First How-To: My square retro design! A Lovely Lady Original!

Ok everyone!!! I'm back!!! LOL! So, I have had a few people ask for more info on how to do some of my designs. So I am going to try to tell you how to do My Retro Square Nail Design and hopefully it helps that i have added some pics to go along with specific steps. Please excuse the fact that I used a fake nail and that it's a little sloppy. I just did a red and black water marble mani today that I really like so I didn't want to remove it! Sorry! And yes I get a little tiny bit sloppy when I'm just doing designs on fake nails that are just for demonstrations. So, please don't be too hard on me! This is just to help you get the basics on how to do this design. I promise you all that if this nail were going to be on a person I would have taken more time and been a lot neater!
        Things You Will Need
                    *Base Coat Polish
                    *Base Color Polish
                    *Accent Color Polish
                    *Toothpick (or whatever you like to use to draw on your nails)
                    *Small Piece Of Scrap Paper
                    *Top Coat Polish
                             Optional: Petroleum Jelly
#1 You should always start with a good base coat. A base coat will protect your nails and help your polish go on smoother.
#2 You wanna pick your base color and paint each nail. Helpful hint, if you are like me and a little messy when you paint your nails you can use a q-tip and apply a little petroleum jelly to your finger all around your nail. Doing this will allow you to pretty much just wipe off any mistakes you might make with just the swipe of a fresh q-tip.

#3 Now after your base coat is good and dry you wanna take the accent color you picked and put a few drops onto your scrap piece of paper. Now using a toothpick draw a small square in the center of each nail. Take your time and go slow!

#4 Now it's just keeping a steady hand and drawing straight lines. Above and below your initial square you should draw squares. Easy enough right!?!

#5 Next draw the same pattern to the left and right of your initial squares.

#6 Almost done ladies!!! Now connect the squares to each other by drawing small lines out from the middle of each side of the squares to connect them with the outer lines of squares. Hint, I like to put lines going out from all of the squares to give it a very different look. If you don't connect the top squares to each other then you will get a whole other look.

#7 When your design is dry all you have to do is apply your top coat polish, let dry, and then use your q-tips to clean up any mistakes or stray brushstrokes. (Sorry that some of the pics are a little blurry. My camera is like 6 or 7 years old and doesn't always cooperate)
 See!!! This is what your end result is when you don't go slow and take your time! HAHAHA!
And that's it!!! You have made a "Lovely Lady" original!!! GOOD JOB LADIES!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Opening Blog

Ok, all!!! I am finally making my own blog!! YEAH ME! LOL! It's about time huh? Well this is just my first initial blog to get a feel for how these things are done so, please bare with me and give me a little time to figure this all out and get used to it. I would like all the info and feedback I can get from anyone who is willing to follow my blog so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts! I sincerly appreciate all the help I can get!
Now I DO have a facebook page and almost always have up something about fb giveaways or cool nail polish or art realted things so please go check it out and "like" it. I am not too far away from having a "100 likes Giveaway"!! I think I am only about 10 likes away! Find my facebook page by clicking the link!  Thanks to my sister and best friend Jill @ I will be able to give away a very cool "franken polish" that she made!! It should be a lot of fun anyways.
On this blog I plan on tell you all about my nail adventures and telling you about all the cool stuff that's out there so that everyone can have "salon quality" nails without the "salon" price! So that's it for now but I DO plan on doinga lot on here! So, if you're still not sure about this brand new blog then just keep checking back and hopefully you will eventually become a follower of my blog too!