Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New Black's "Runway" Collection!!!

Ready for Summer Colors!!!

As promised..... Here it is....
The New Black's Runway Color Barometer review!!!
There are no names on the bottles so I will tell u what the company calls them.
I'll state the colors from left to right as they are seen in the pic above.
Gypsy Rose, Just Shocking, Orange Crush, Electrical Banana, Mint Tea Shimmer, Heliotrope, Midnight Blue, and Horchata Cream.
Some pretty cool names in there right!?!
This set can be purchased at Just click here !!!

Now for the stuff you've been waiting for....

Here is Midnight Blue.. this is a very pretty color in and out of the bottle! This is one of my faves from this set! It looks great with a matte top coat too!
This one is Gypsy Rose... very beautiful pink with a slight gold shimmer throughout!
This one is Just Shocking... it's a very pretty red-orange color that is very close to looking like a "jelly" polish when applied.
And this one, of course, is Electrical Banana... I am in love with this yellow! Goes on great and is shiny instead of looking "neon" like most yellows you find.
This one is Heliotrope... a very pretty blueish-light purple color depending on the light. It's a very lovely color. I think it's a must-have for all the people who love blue polishes!
This is Orange Crush... this is a very pretty lighter orange. It reminds me of the orange flavored "Crush" brand soda pop!
This is Horchata Cream... I'm not sure I know what "horchata" is but I like to call this color a creamy nude. It is another one of my faves from this set.
Here is Mint Tea Shimmer... I like this color too and I think it would be a perfect color for a St. Patty's Day mani! It remind me of a shiny four leaf clover.

Well, that's all of my 2 finger swatches. Now for the personal experience and opinion portion....

I LOVE this brand!!! The New Black has got all the things your looking for in a nail polish! They have sets specially designed to work together, so they are great for pros, amatures, and newbies! All the summer colors you would want are in this set, and they have many other sets that are perfect for any kind of mani you would want to have. The brush size on these are about average and you wouldn't think so but the little handle makes these polishes very easy to use. As I stated above this set is sold at and they sell others at too!
And I'm pleased to say that I love coming up with new things to do with these colors! This is becoming my favorite brand! And how cool is the company name!?! "The New Black"!! It's awesome and very fitting because the social concept of the new black is bright and bold and colorful, which this company has in spades! The New Black is also on the social networking sites you use everyday! Here are links to their social networking sites... (just click the site u want and it'll take you straight to The New Black's page on that network) Facebook   Youtube  and Pinterest  I hope you will go and check them out! They are a great company with amazing products! They really do have something for every one who wants a pretty mani!!!

Don't worry I'm almost finished! LOL!
I just wanted to show you all that The New Black inspired the mani I am wearing today!
I have been wanting to do a "fish egg" mani and haven't had the courage. But I figured, the new black is all about what's new and hot and your own style! So I felt like I should do something I've always wanted to try and USE the brand that inspired me to finally do it!
So here you go.....
I also added Matte tips! Like I said before this color looks great with a matte top coat!

***This product was provided to me by the company for my honest review and opinion. And that's what you have read. I would never make false statements on here. This Blog is for MY enjoyment and yours!